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USDA Organic Unscented Mom & Baby Oil / USDA 有機媽媽及寶寶潤膚油 (無氣味)

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exp: 11/2021
這款美妙的無香味油是由7種有機油混合而成。 它可以為嬰兒和兒童提供非常溫和的水分。 亦可以在沐浴後用作日常油或用於按摩。 潤膚油的好處是使皮膚溫和地吸收,保護皮膚免受干燥和陽光影響。 對媽媽來說,有效預防妊娠紋,並提供額外的水分。睡前塗上數滴油並敷在臉上,晚上便恢復疲憊的肌膚。 媽媽必備品!

This wonderful fragrance-free oil is a very well blend of 7 organic oils. It boosts up the moisture and very gently for babies and kids. It can be used as daily oil after bath or for massaging. The benefits from buckets of oil will gently absorb into skin and protect skin from dryness and sun. For mom, this can be used to prevent stretch mask and give the extra moisture during the day. Yet, drop a few oils and apply on the face before bed for a good night recovery of skin exhausted.  It is a must in Mom’s tote!


氣味無氣味 / Scent: Unscented

淨重:60毫升 / Net weight : 60ml
適合:適合初生嬰兒及媽媽 / For : Newborn baby and Mommy

產地:泰國 / Made in Thailand

*** 100%有機認證成份。/ 100% Certified Organic Ingredients. ***

Direction: Use it sparingly for babies after shower or for massaging. For mom-to-be, rub the oil over tummy, breast area, legs and bottom to prevent stretch mask twice a day. As a facial night oil, use only a few drops.




品牌故事 label


The way of  Life

The birth of ZNYA Organics co-founder’s lovely daughter has inspired her to create and formulate organic baby products which is gentle, mild and of course non-chemical. Thinking instead of mothers around the world for the need to find such safe products, she has created this baby foam bath recipe to serve her need.

ZNYA Organics believes in the gift from nature. All natural ingredients with organically planting and harvesting, without adding any chemical in any process, will provide everyone the rich and true benefits of each ingredient.  ZNYA Organics is the presenter of the nature, providing customers the best benefits that nature owns.


Simply the best choice:

  • No SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or any detergent) (沒有SLS)
  • No Sulfate (硫酸鹽)
  • No Toxin (毒素)
  • No Paraben (無基苯甲酸酯)
  • No Preservatives (無防腐劑)
  • No Pathalates (無鄰苯二甲酸鹽)
  • No Artificial colorings (沒有人工色素)
  • No Artificial fragrance (沒有人造香料)
  • No Palm & Soybean oil (不含棕櫚油和豆油)
  • No Synthetics & Silicone (不含合成纖維和有機矽)
  • No Petro-products (不含石油產品)