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USDA Certified Organic Herbal Toothpaste / USDA 有機草本牙膏

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Znya Organics 有機草本牙膏。

  • 榮獲國際創新發明大獎
  • 有機草本配方
  • 加入有機苦楝葉成份,具殺菌消炎、消除牙床腫漲
  • 預防牙根發炎、出血,防止蛀牙


*** 沒有起泡劑及化學物 ***

*** 注意:由於天然有機草本成分,本牙膏的顏色為棕色 ***


淨重:100毫升 / Net weight : 100ml

產地:泰國 / Made in Thailand



品牌故事 label


The way of  Life

The birth of ZNYA Organics co-founder’s lovely daughter has inspired her to create and formulate organic baby products which is gentle, mild and of course non-chemical. Thinking instead of mothers around the world for the need to find such safe products, she has created this baby foam bath recipe to serve her need.

ZNYA Organics believes in the gift from nature. All natural ingredients with organically planting and harvesting, without adding any chemical in any process, will provide everyone the rich and true benefits of each ingredient.  ZNYA Organics is the presenter of the nature, providing customers the best benefits that nature owns.


Simply the best choice:

  • No SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or any detergent) (沒有SLS)
  • No Sulfate (硫酸鹽)
  • No Toxin (毒素)
  • No Paraben (無基苯甲酸酯)
  • No Preservatives (無防腐劑)
  • No Pathalates (無鄰苯二甲酸鹽)
  • No Artificial colorings (沒有人工色素)
  • No Artificial fragrance (沒有人造香料)
  • No Palm & Soybean oil (不含棕櫚油和豆油)
  • No Synthetics & Silicone (不含合成纖維和有機矽)
  • No Petro-products (不含石油產品)