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PPSU Weighted Straw Cup - 300ml (Rose Gold - Special Cherry Edition) / PPSU 重力球吸管杯 - 300ml (玫瑰金色 - 車厘子特別版)

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Grosmimi(格羅咪咪)韓國頂級重力球吸管奶瓶。安全、防漏、防脹氣設計。獨特旋轉手柄設計 ~ 保護寶寶手腕不容易受傷及不會吸入空氣而引至脹氣。

  • “ + CUT” 防漏設計(倒轉也可)
  • 專利氣閥設計 ~ 防止液體倒流
  • 2種使用方法 ~ 坐立時(安裝重力球吸管/吸管),臥躺時(除掉重力球吸管/吸管
  • 旋轉手柄設計(可拆式)
  • PPSU瓶身 ~ 於多種消毒方法
  • 無雙酚A (BPA FREE)

包括:奶瓶 300ml x1件,手柄 x1件,按鈕杯蓋 x1件,2種吸管件 (十字防漏吸管 & 重力球吸管)


尺寸:(寬)6.9厘米 x(高)16.3厘米



Grosmimi is the premium brand of baby products in Korea. We provide the safest and most healthy product for all the babies in the world. Unique rotating handle design ~ protects baby's wrist from being injured and prevents air intake.

  • '+ CUT' prevents any leak from the bottle (Even when turned upside down)
  • Air Valve prevents back-flows
  • 2-way of using allows baby to drink while sitting down (with weighted tube / tube), and to drink while lying down (without the weighted tube / tube)
  • Rotary handle
  • PPSU allows a variety of disinfecting methods

Included: Feeding bottle 300ml x 1, Handle x 1, One Touch Cap x 1, 2-Type Straws (+ cut straw  weighted straw)

*Additional straps can be purchased for outing


Size: (W) 6.9cm x (H) 16.3cm
Capacity: 300ml (10oz)

※Please read the manual enclosed before use.