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Straw Cup Strap (Pure Gold) / 吸管杯掛帶 (香檳金色)

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原產地:中國 (韓國檢查及裝配)


- 請勿用於其他以外的用途,並請注意嬰幼兒的安全。
- 請不要直接掛在脖子上,而是要斜跨式的掛在肩膀和脖子上。請務必確保兒童了解正確使用方法。
- 安裝專用環時,請遵循説明書上的安裝方法。
- 請不要讓嬰幼兒吮吸或咀嚼掛帶。
- 避免產品受強烈撞擊、接觸火源或太陽直接照射。



Grosmim - Straw Cup Strap is ideal for outing.

※Please read the manual enclosed before use.


Made in China (Assembly & testing in Korea)



- Do not use if for other purposes, and be careful about infant safety.
- Do not hang it directly on your neck. Hang across your shoulders and neck, and make sure your kid is aware of the methods too.
- When attaching to the ring, follow the attachment steps to attach it correctly.
- Do no suck or chew the string.
- Avoid any impacts, and be careful of fire and direct sunlight.