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Rice Porridge - Cod
金姳熙3分鐘速食粥 - 鱈魚

by Miznco
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SKU MZ072012

淨重:90克 / Net weight : 90g

規格:共9包獨立包裝/ Spec : 9 packs
10克 / Each pcak : 10g
適合:九個月或以上 / For : 9 months & up
產地:韓國 / Made in Korea

成分:有機大米84.5%韓國,鱈魚粉, 粟米淀粉,海藻粉,蘿蔔粉,明太魚粉,蘿蔔湯粉。 / Ingredients: Korean Organic rice, cod fish powder, corn starch, seaweed powder, radish powder, pollack fish powder, radish soup powder.

* 過敏警告:本產品含有魚類及魚類製品。
* Allergy warning:This product contains fish and their products.


食用方法:將ー小袋倒在碗中,注入60毫升的水(水温80度),然後攪拌成粥的狀態,並等3分鐘便可提供方便餐。(完成品是80ml) / Directions : Each small bag mix with 80-degree water and stir it. (When mix with 60ml of water, the finished product is 80ml)