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Buy 1 Get 1Multi-Purpose Cleaner (500ml) - Eucalyptus / PiPPER 沛柏 - 多功能清潔液 (尤加利葉)

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  • 敏、無刺激性*
  • 不含任何已知的過敏原*
  • 安全有效 - 適用於木材,層壓板,大理石,陶瓷,塑料,鋼等表面
  • 無腐蝕性無毒性
  • 可生物降解
  • 100%天然尤加利葉精油

* 經 Dermscan Asia 認證,不含過敏原並以美國FDA過敏原貼片作測試。



泡沫或噴霧。 如要噴霧,只需提起噴嘴蓋。


- 直接噴到污糟地方,用布擦拭。

- 對於嚴重污糟的地方,先噴在污糟處並靜置 5 - 10分鐘,然後用布擦拭。 無需過水清洗。





Our non-irritation certified Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner is safe for use on every surface in your home. The product’s formula – free of toxins and known allergens – keeps your mind at ease and helps you clean your wood, laminate, marble, ceramic, plastic, glass or steel surfaces, effectively. All it takes is a simple spray and wipe with a clean cloth to get the job done with no rinsing needed. Furthermore, the natural essential oils in the cleaner complements your shiny surfaces with a soothing scent.

  • Non-irritation certified*
  • Free of known allergens*
  • Safe and effective on most surfaces in the home (wood, laminate, marble, ceramic, plastic, steel, etc.)
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • No fragrances, Scent from natural essential Oil

* Non-irritation certified by Dermscan Asia. Product contains no allergen specified under the allergy patch test approved by the U.S. FDA.


Capacity: 500ml
Origin: Made in Thailand


How to use:

- Either foam or spray. Just lift up the nozzle lid for spray, close the nozzle lid for foam.

- Spray directly onto the soiled area and wipe out with a cloth.

- For heavily soiled areas, spray and leave standing for 5-10 minutes, then wipe out with a cloth. No rinse necessary.


Safety Information:

Keep product out of the reach of children. If swallowed, drink plenty of water and consult a physician.