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Bburillak Bibillak - Anchovy / 撒撒拌拌粉 - 緹魚

by Miznco
SKU MZ071817



淨重: 20克
規格: 共4包 (獨立包裝)/ 每包: 5克
適合: 15個月或以上

產地: 韓國

成分: 馬鈴薯片,捲心菜片,紅蘿蔔薄片,小鳀魚,烤芝麻,蝦薄片,海帶薄片,烤海苔。

* 過敏警告:本產品含有魚類及魚類製品



Net weight: 20g
Spec: 4 packs (Individual package) / Each pack: 5g
For: 15 months & up


Made in Korea

Ingredients: Potato Flake, Cabbage Flake, Carrot Flake, Small Anchovy, Roasted Sesame Seeds, Shrimp Flake, Kelp Flake, Roasted Laver.

* Allergy Warning: This product contains fish and their products & This Product contains crustacea and crustacean products.