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Stainless Straw Cup - 200ml (White) / 不銹鋼吸管杯 - 200ml (白色)

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Grosmimi(格羅咪咪)韓國頂級學習吸管奶瓶。安全、防漏、防脹氣設計。獨特旋轉手柄設計 ~ 保護寶寶手腕不容易受傷及不會吸入空氣而引至脹氣。

  • 保溫 / 保冷效果可長達6小時
  • “ + CUT” 防漏設計(倒轉也可)
  • 專利氣閥設計 ~ 防止液體倒流
  • 2種使用方法 ~ 坐立時(安裝吸管),臥躺時(除掉吸管)
  • 旋轉手柄設計(可拆式)


尺寸:(寬)6.8厘米 x(高)19.5厘米
物料:奶瓶(SS304 不銹鋼 [內/外])/ 瓶蓋,環,手柄(PP)/ 吸管部件(矽膠)




Grosmimi is the premium brand of baby products in Korea. We provide the safest and most healthy product for all the babies in the world. Unique rotating handle design ~ protects baby's wrist from being injured and prevents air intake.

  • Up to 6 hours of thermal function
  • '+ CUT' prevents any leak from the bottle (Even when turned upside down)
  • Air Valve prevents back-flows
  • 2-way of using allows baby to drink while sitting down (with tube), and to drink while lying down (without the tube)
  • Rotary handle

*It can be converted to thermal tumbler with Baby Food Cap (Parts sold separately)


Size: (W) 6.8cm x (H) 19.5cm
Capacity: 200ml (6oz)
Material: Feeding bottle (Stainless Steel SS304 [Outer & Inner]) / Cap, ring, handle (PP) / Straw nipples & talons (Silicone)

Origin: Made in China & Korea

※Please read the manual enclosed before use.