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PiPPER standard - Floor Cleaner (800ml) - Lavender / PiPPER standard 天然地板清潔液 (薰衣草香)

SKU PP500224


容量:800毫升 / Capacity: 800ml
材料:去離子水,發酵水果液,檸檬酸鈉,烷基多苷,檸檬酸,天然精油,天然乳化劑,天然樹膠,和天然防腐劑。 / Deionized water, fermented fruit fluid, sodium citrate, alkyl polyglycoside, citric acid, natural essentail oil, natural emulsifier, natural gum, and preservative.

產地:泰國製造 / Origin: Made in Thailand

PiPPER Pineapple Power - Clean and protect your floor the natural way with no chemical residue. Our non-toxic, rinse-free formula is safe for all sealed floor types, such as hard wood, tile, and laminate.


  • 請加1瓶蓋清潔液(25毫升)倒入5升水中
  • 攪拌後便可以使用
  • 無需要過清洗。


  • 使用前請搖勻。
  • 顏色可能因時間有所變化,此乃正常。
  • 遠離孩童。切勿食用,如意外誤服,應立即飲用大量清水、並立即尋求醫生指示。