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凡購買任何沛柏 (PiPPER) 產品,可享88折優惠。購物滿$500 ,送保溫杯瓶1個。請在付款前輸入優惠碼 - PP2019
凡購買任何沛柏 (PiPPER) 產品,可享88折優惠。購物滿$500 ,送保溫杯瓶1個。請在付款前輸入優惠碼 - PP2019

Tiny Fruits – Apple & Banana / 凍乾小水果 – 蘋果 & 香蕉

SKU LD003169

Our Apple & Banana Tiny Fruits pouch is filled with up to a whopping half-pound of organic apples and bananas! The fruits are diced and water is freeze-zapped out. What you get are vitamin and nutrient-dense, freeze dried fruit snacks. NO added sugar, NO preservatives, NOthing but the best!

Tiny Fruits are USDA Certified Organic, gluten-free, kosher, dairy free and nut free. Superfoods for super humans, big and small!

For Kids 1-100!



Ingredients: Organic Apples, Organic Bananas.

淨重:21克Net weight : 21g


產地:美國 / MADE IN USA